Robin #178 - Comic Review -

Posted by Shazap on Oct. 03, 2008

Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at Robin is workin. He is covering the entire city, taking on the gangs and trying to find Batman. Fabian Nicieza is really doing a good job of capturing the essence of the Robin character. It’s been a long time since anyone has but he really gets this character. The best part of the book was when Robin and Nightwing crossed paths in the Bat Cave and Tim was like need help with the two face thing and Dick says nope need help with the gangs and Tim said nope. It showed continuity as well as how much Tim has grown in that he can handle the city by himself. I still haven’t figured out what Stephanie’s role is in all of this and why she wants Tim dead, if that really is Stephanie in the Spoiler costume. If she is dead again I’m going to be really disappointed. RIP is a great story and I love what it is doing to the members of the ...

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