Robert Mugabe SINGING

Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad weigh in on the topic of the recent election chaos in Zimbabwe. Lyrics: (Chorus) I don't care what your media say I don't rig elections anyway No corruption, no polls, you can't see That I'm Robert Mugabe (Repeat) (Verse 1) Now citizens, they votin' for us They enjoying my reign of terror and powers Screw MDC, Tsvangari, and Nelson Mandela They feed them foolish fantasies, they vote them cos they gotta I ruin econimies man, and the agriculture A hour later, I drinking on ma P Colada I trick vottas wit my money, make they country better I spends it all on buying a Gucci sweater They like my smile, they like my goons, they like the way I talk They from Harare, haterz prepare for shock Why they vottas tryin to holla bout so many dead Why they vottas cant afford no bread I could care less how I perform until I dead Bitch shut yo mouth, vote for me, like I said Look peeps this is simple, you can't see You messing with me, you messing with a Mugabe Robert Mugabe