Robbery! Notes! Goats! SWINE! #177 Watch our tragic cart...

Posted by Frederator on May. 05, 2009

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Summer Heist  Submitted by Anton Bogaty Message in a Bottle Submitted by Louis Hudson Goat Away Submitted by Steve Stark Barfy the Pig: Episode 7! Submitted by Joel Foster or Ryan Page  Oh, the blues.  The sad state of affairs.  Just how bad do you have it?  Well these folks have it worse!  First up is a bank robbery gone sour, second is what happens when you get that message in the bottle and how that message might not be what youre expecting.  The third cartoon, well, you know you got problems when youre a goat.  Wrapping it all up is the further adventures of Barfy the Pig and, brother, if youve got it worse than Barfy, I feel for you. The Robots heard your blues, and he posts them!  We have two recordings from the voicemails and two were emailed to him!  And at the end, he shows you how a robot rocks the jams.  And all of them share one thing:  The Big Red Robot Blues!  Like these songs?  Could you do better?  call him up and sing it:  888-414-8148 Or email him an mp3:  ask...

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