Road Rage What's Your Problem DICK!!

Look at this dickhead in the little Citroen car, seriously what is his problem? he thought i parked on the car park i didn't i had just reversed into it to turn the other way the video proves this, the car park doesn't belong to this DICK but the DICK does park right at the top end of it somewhere i have never parked my car, i don't know what this DICK'S problem is but he is lucky i didn't knock his head off. What annoyed me even more is that i was civil to the DICK prior to him opening his mouth i even gave him a wave because he had to wait for me, the guy is obviously a DICK!! the next guy he starts on will probably knock his head off his shoulders that's KARMA!! i would have confronted him if it wasn't for the cars behind me. DICKS car registration plate MF10 WSZ if you see him in the Oldham area don't forget to shout D-I-C-K to grab his attention.