Rik Ellis Aikido/ MMA vs Russell Dennis 6th dan Taekwondo/MMA ~

Posted by aikihell on May. 22, 2009

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Ellis Aikido.. DVD of the Rik Ellis Aikido/MMA vs Russell Dennis Extreme Taekwondo ..(same weight category ) 8th - Feb - 2009. Liquid Envy Night Club Portsmouth. Rik Ellis won the fight in the 46th second of the first round.DVD supplied by the promoter Grant Waterman. Rik Ellis has a long history in Aikido with his father Henry Ellis a British Aikido Pioneer & Principal Coach of the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido . Although this is a Full Contact MMA fight, Rik says that many Aikido techniques and movements are applicable in close contact with your opponent. Before the Ki people get their ribbons in a twist or the Aikido purists soil their gis, this is not Aikido vs Taekwondo. Rik Ellis has a background in Aikido. It should be understood that Aikido in its classical sense has no place in MMA. Rik has found that in a serious `real` situation, as the cage presents. Tenkan - Taisabaki - Tenchinage - Iriminage are very good in close contact with your opponent for turning him into the cage wall, o

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