Posted by stivim68 on Nov. 28, 2012

ARRIDERS E AWESOME Music- Feint - Laurence Sports included in this video- Surf, Skate, BMX, FMX, Mountain Bike, Snowboard, Drifting Motorbike, Unicycle, Ski, Snowkite, Speed Riding, VTT Dirt . Videos Credits- Unicycling Riders- http-//www.youtube.com/user/JOSHxMOSHx Ski Edits at 1-42 & 3-18 - http-//www.youtube.com/user/AlexMel93 Famous Riders- Jorian Ponomareff, Bruno Hoffmann, Brice Izzo, Kalani Chapman, Partick Zelger, Josh Sheehan, Pat Casey, Tony Hawk, Mike Montgomery, Caleb Moore, Colten Moore, Gus Kenworthy, Scott Stevens , Alen Turic. DISCLAIMER- If your video was in this compilation please contact me and Ill add you to the credits. If your video was in this compilation and you want it taken out, please contact me.

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