Rich Green - A Tribute to the Miners in Chile (Dont Wanna Give T

Posted by RichGreen2010 on Oct. 24, 2010

I dedicate this song to my friend Ahmed. Verse 1 Trapped in a tunnel, not sure where Im going, mind starts flowing but my feet stop moving, I really wanna get, out of here, Im surrounded by darkness, consumed by fear. the day passes, the night ends the rocks crumbled, i know I lost some friends 2000 feet, deep in the earth, fetal position, feeling like Im cursed 17 days pass, endless prayers Lord why am I stuck in the devils layer? please help me out, I need a life line divine interventions whats on my mind Can you hear me? I need directions, I said Im sorry, Ive learned my lessons. Show me a map, a light, anything to use, to help escape, this world of my pain and blues. Verse 2 The last count check was 33 souls Gave it all up, for pebbles of gold? how long can we last in this state? Living through this nightmare sleeping awake Wake up, I can see the light They coming to save us, were gonna be alright! Praise God they coming tonight! whys the exit so small, on

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