Review of the fundamentals First Aid Kit

Posted by survivalist on Oct. 05, 2009

http-// http-// When working away from medical services, its important to keep a good quality first aid kit on hand. The first aid kit in the video is a FUNDAMENTALS First Aid Kit by Adventure Medical Kits http-// First Aid Kit by Adventure Medical Kits Medications/Instruments- 1 Digital Thermometer 90F-105F 1 EMT Shears 1 SplinterPicker Forceps 1 Duct Tape 2 Pill Vials 3 Safety Pins 1 Accident Report Form and Pencil 8 ExtraStrength Tylenol 6 Motrin 2 Aspirin (325mg) 4 Antihistamine CPR/Stop Bleeding- 1 Laerdal Face Shield 2 Trauma Pads ( 8x10 and/or 5x9) 4 Nitrile Examination Gloves 2 Antimicrobial Hand Wipes 1 Infectious Control Bag Wound Care- 1 Irrigation Syringe (20cc) 1 Povidone Iodine Solution (1oz) 10 Wound Closure Strips 1 Tincture of Benzoin 2 Antibiotic Ointment 6 After Cuts & Scrapes 10 Sterile Dressings (4x4 or 3x3 or 2x2) 3 Non-Adherent Sterile Dressings 1 Stockinette Bandage 2

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