Review of GigaTribe Software

How can you send a picture to someone over the Internet? How can you send a video to someone over the Internet? We have hundreds of files. We have photos and videos that we want to share with people long distance. However, this is becoming more and more of a problem because those files are so large but yet our email cant upload such large files and most P2P networks take hours or even days to transfer those files to our friends and family. So what do you do?Well, there is a company that has come up with a solution to this and its called GigaTribe. Think of it as Facebook for your hard drive. You can create your own network, invite your friends and family on, and share your photos, video, and other large files with them.GigaTribe is a software that allows you to share large files with others, quickly and easily. You simply download the software, invite your friends to do the same and connect with them, then open your folders on your computer to share and thats it - your friends and family now have acces