Return to Tarawa

Posted by walkingshadows on Apr. 30, 2010

In 1943, Naval Ensign Leon Cooper was charged with protecting the lives of marines during the bloody assault on the islands of Tarawa. Sixty-five years later, he returns to protect their memories. Return to Tarawa follows the journey of Leon Cooper, a United States Navy veteran who ferried marines through murderous gunfire to the shores of the Tawara island on his Higgins landing craft in 1943. Now a war historian researching for his book The War in the Pacific: A Retrospective, Leon has come across alarming rumours that the beaches, where so many had fallen, are now covered beneath piles of garbage and refuse. Outraged, he now returns to the battlefield of his youth to find his worst fears realized. Not only is the beach neglected, but live ordinace and potentially the remains of MIA soldiers still lie buried under the historic ground. A small film crew follows Leon on his mission to restore this landmark, and with it, the honor of the brave American servicemen who fell in the line of duty. Golden Globe Wi

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