Posted by IFCFilms on Dec. 10, 2009

RETURN TO RAJAPUR is a heartfelt tale of love and destiny, a rich drama set in the sand-swept terrains of Rajapur, a desert city in Northern India, ripe with centuries-old castles, eclectic desert camps, and vibrant Indian culture.In the lush and historic desert town of Rajapur, Samantha, a young American girl, has arrived to discover the truth about a mysterious man, Jai Singh, the Maharaja and owner of Nivas Palace. With only scattered photos, cryptic letters, and a strange colored stone to guide her search, Samantha slowly pieces together the story of her mother, Sara, and Jeremy Reardon, one-time guests of Jai Singh. As Sara and Jeremy’s story unravels, we discover the forbidden love of Sara and Jai Singh. With the help of her new friend, Amar, Samantha learns of a climactic struggle in the desert that left Sara, Jeremy, and Jai at odds with each other and abandoned in a dangerous sand storm. History repeats itself as Samantha finds herself caught in another sandstorm, confused and devastated by her d

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Tags kelli garner, lynn collins, return to rajapur, justin theroux, manoj bajpai, celia weston and frank langella

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