Retarded Cop

Posted by DeathWish808 on Apr. 14, 2008

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We all know that most cops are dumb but this video is an actual retarded cop. This couple gets pulled over and this retard tries to hit them with the taser. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have Down syndrome someone actually convinced this retarded cop to go into law enforcement. Man the cop in this video is really stupid. I once got pulled over by a cop and he was so retarded that when he came up to the window he forgot what he was doing there. He just seemed stupid confused and sad. What a dope!This is a funny clip from the retarded policeman series. He is a retarded cop that plays more stupid than he really is. He pulls over a couple in a car and asks them if he can use his taser on them. They reply with a simple no and then he comes back with some funny jokes. If this guy pulls you over at any time, just keep going.

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