Relocate Mouse with Hotkey across Dual Monitors

Posted by sanjayuser on Jul. 17, 2009

This video intend to show how the mouse cursor is relocated across two monitors.The MurGeeMon software utility allows one to assign a Hotkey (eg. F4) to the keyboard, and relocate the mouse cursor to the secondary monitor from the primary monitor and vice versa by clicking on the Hotkey assigned.The hot key needs just a click to relocate the mouse cursor quickly.Download the software utility MurGeeMon from and launch the application. Right clicking on the icon that appears on the system tray, select Show MurgeeMon. From the MurGeeMon window click on Monitor Control, type in a Hotkey in Press HotKey Here and select the Assign tab. Select Move Now tab next and you will find the mouse cursor relocate from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor. If Move Now is selected again ( not required as the hotkey has been assigned) or the hotkey used, the mouse cursor relocates back to the primary monitor at the exact spot where it was last positioned. This helps in locating

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