Red State Update's Historic Album "How Freedom Sounds" Drops

Posted by redstateupdate on Aug. 19, 2008

Today will go down in history as the original release date of Red State Update's first recorded masterpiece "How Freedom Sounds", plus Jackie makes his own beer. Help Jackie & Dunlap,well Dunlap anyway, fulfill his dream to outsell Miley Cyrus. Buy Red State Update's cd"How Freedom Sounds" In Stores Now! Fill out the coupon inside your cd and mail it off for your chance to win Jackie's Truck! Also available on iTunes! Red State Update's "How Freedom Sounds" 1. America You're In For A Treat 2. Iraq (I Don't Wanna Go) 3. Jackie's Mama 4. Impressions 5. Dumbass Party 6. Bonnaroo 7. Get the Hell Outta My Store Hippie 8. Yard Sale 9. Brett Lanham 10. If I Was You 11. Talladega 12. Funeral Home 13. Simple Man 14. Farm Life 15. Illegal Immigration 16. Stripper Without A Kid 17. Truck Driving School 18. Noodles, Powder, Water and Meat 19. Red State State of Mind 20. Jackie For President Bonus Track: Too Much Lovin' available exclusively on iTunes.

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