Red One Camera Rental - Daydream Video Sample Red One footage titled Daydream. Here's the one everyone has been talking about and we finally have ours. The Red One camera is ultra high-definition cutting edge technology and our production manager still has not stopped drooling over it. This camera is currently being used on major motion pictures by the likes of Steven Soderbergh, Peter Jackson and many others. It finally offers the quality, reliability, depth of field, malleable raw image, 35mm optics, high speed recording, and latitude, that people have come to expect from 35mm film and the list goes on and on. Our RED ONE is the only one currently available in the Central Valley and we are ready to digitally film anything from here to San Francisco or Los Angeles or beyond. The best Hollywood quality images are finally at our fingertips for a fraction of the cost of Film. Contact BLARE Media if you are ready to step up to the latest in Digital cinema production whether it be for features, shorts, commerc