Rebekah Mae Golden Network Promo

Golden Network plans to launch a television network focusing on the needs of the 50 population and intends to branch out to other media outlets including radio, Internet, magazines and an annual convention. The current population of our target audience in the United States tops 95 million and is growing rapidly due to the maturing of the baby boom generation and the longevity factor. Golden Network programming is designed primarily for this market. The audience will be reached via satellite, cable and the new convergence technologies allowing Internet content to be viewed on home television sets. Income will be derived from a variety of sources including advertisers, sponsors, merchandise sales, program distribution to other media, licensing, convention attendance and on-air interactive auctions. Golden Network, LLC was formed in Nevada on April 3, 2006. The Company is a private, start-up business. Golden Network’s target market is the 50 and over group. There are currently more than