Reaction video- funny 1 guy 1 cup

1 guy 1 cup should be renamed to 1 guy 1 jar. This is a reaction video of 1 guy 1 cup; another absurd viral video that testifies to how messed up some people are. If you don’t know what 1 guy 1 cup is, here’s a brief summary. A naked man is in his kitchen with a glass jar on the floor. He squats over it so that the jar goes up his anus. When it finally disappears, it shatters inside of him. This guy then calmly proceeds to pick the broken shards of glass out of his profusely bleeding anus instead of calling 911. He does this without making a sound the whole time until he gets up and walks away. Probably a good idea to stay away from any videos with titles involving a number and a noun.