Raw video - Boeing 787 Catches Fire at London Airport

Posted by clownygal on Jul. 12, 2013

Shares of Boeing plunged as much as 7 percent after reports of a fire on an Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner at London Heathrow Airport on Friday. The internal fire took place on a Boeing 787 parked at Heathrow, according to an airport spokesman. The plane was on a remote parking stand, so there were no passengers on board and it was not scheduled to fly any time soon. The airport was closed to air traffic during the incident. In a tweet from Boeing's Twitter account, the company stated, We're aware of the 787 event @HeathrowAirport and have Boeing personnel there. We're working to fully understand and address this. A spokesman for Boeing said the company would provide updates when they are able to do so. The NTSB said it was sending a representative to investigate the issue at Heathrow Airport. Also on Friday, Thomson Airways, based in Crawley, England, said one of its Dreamliner flights from England to the U.S. had to turn back after experiencing a technical issue. Thomson Airways can confirm that flight TOM126 travelling from Manchester to Sanford, Florida experienced a technical issue and the aircraft returned to Manchester Airport, as a precautionary measure, the company's statement says. Passengers have disembarked and our dedicated team of engineers are now inspecting the aircraft. Our customers will be moved to an alternative aircraft to ensure they get away on their holiday as soon as possible. The safety of our customers and crew is of paramount importance and we would like to apologise for the delay caused.

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