Raw Pitbull Fights!

Posted by scotchtape on Oct. 01, 2007

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This video of pitbull fights has some teeth to it. This pitbull takes its natural anger out on its owner in this disturbing video. Just wait a few minutes for the horror to begin. Who wants to own such a vicious dog? Well the owner gets what he deserves here. Its almost like the dog is envisioning its owner with Michael Vicks face. If only we had the technology to read a dogs thoughts. Then we would know why these angry canines are so aggressive. But i could spend years talking about dog thought technology. I guess until then we can only analyze pitbull fights videos and hope to understand the beast.This adorable video of almost pitbull fights shows the cute side of these crazy critters. These adorable pups are hardly the vicious animals that people associate with the name. Instead they are caring, compassionate animals who will rip your face off if given the chance. Rip your face off with kisses that is. So forget about pitbull fights and think instead of pitbull pillow fights!

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