Rat On A String

Posted by UncleTuby on Dec. 07, 2009

Another modern classic from Uncle Tuby and Nozzle In A Bottle Productions. The late, great Smittee sings his heart out while backed by the world renowned Thyroid Festival Orchestra. Coming out of retirement to provide backing vocals are the acclaimed Phlegm Cats who are joined by the Morbidly Obese Holiday Singers. The song tells the story of one mans love of his rat. The themes explored in the song are reminiscent of those found in the works of Camus and Hesse. As our heros tale unfolds it becomes increasingly apparent that, despite trying to make the best of a bad situation, living in a world that is ankle-deep in ill-defined issues eventually takes its toll.

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Tags classic, string, bob bobalobacrat, euell uvula, thyroid festival orchestra, smittee

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