Rasing the moroccan flag over city Hall

Posted by moroccotv on Jan. 27, 2009

In a unique and poignant ceremony, Jersey city Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy along with other city leaders and contingent from the Moroccan American Community, the Moroccan Flag was raised over City Hall. The Mayor designated Mr. Abdelali Lalaoui, a soccer coach and the event coordinator, as an Ambassador of Jersey city because of his outstanding role with the city's youth sport program. The mayor presented the city Key to The Washington Moroccan Club president, Mr. Hassan Samrhouni. Ms Aicha Afifi, the deputy Chief of Mission at the Moroccan Embassy followed with a brief speech on Morocco's current status. "It was a way for us to honor Morocco and bring both flags together" said Melinda Vickerman-Lalaoui, the event co-coordinator. additional coverage at moroccoboard.com http://www.moroccoboard.com

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