Random Acts of Rhythm Drum Solo - Rafael Dolinski

Posted by rafaeldolinski on Jul. 11, 2009

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Rafael Dolinski http-//www.rafaeldolinski.com I added a foot cowbell and a Tamborim to my kit. Im playing some 3/4 (The Drum Also Walzes - RLL from the great Max Roach) and 5/4 - RLRLL ostinatos. Neil Peart, Bill Bruford and John Bonham also played some ideas from The Drum Also Walzes in their drum solos. HD- http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=19rjaSNnQ6M&fmt=22 ______________________________ Pearl Drums- 12x10 - Remo Ambassador Clear/G1 Clear 16x16 - Remo Ambassador Clear/G1 Clear 22x16 - Evans EQ4 Clear/EQ3 Mapex Black Panther Brass 14x5.5 - Remo CS Black Dot/Remo Ambassador Snare 6 Tamborim Cymbals- 14 Zildjian A New Beat Top/Paiste Alpha Medium Bottom 18 Zildjian A Crash/Ride 20 Zildjian A Ping Ride 20 Zildjian A China Boy High 18 Paiste Signature Full Crash LP Cowbells Pearl Eliminator P2000C Pedal DW 5002AD3 Double Pedal Vic Firth Matt Cameron Drumsticks ______________________________ Sony W120 Camera ______________________________

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