Rammstein - Rammlied

Posted by thisstuffblows on Dec. 12, 2009

Video of Rammstein - Rammlied (album : Liebe ist fur alle da)Hi guys so finally I had the time to make an other video!!! :))Its not a lipsync one as you can see...I wanted to do something different this time!So I made this this evening...I thought about doing a live cover of a Rammstein song but I dont have the time right now...Sorry!! ^^I hope you enjoy the clip! ABOUT THE PLOT : This is about me killing my Alter Ego (the handcuffs represent the fact that I’m the prisoner of my own misbehaving and sins; the bunny represents this dark side that I’m combating) ...but interpret it as you like, since its surrealism....And even if you dont like the clip theres still a Freaking good Rammstein song to listen to! =)P.S. : Please DON’T BASH about the smoking thing...it was intended to create a specific visual effet and feeling in my video. Oh and about the hanging thing...its NOT emo, its just that this is what this song evoked to me...it was my way to trick the bunny ;) Cheers!!!

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