Rahul Gandhi speaks in dandi yatra

Posted by pressbriefgandhi on Aug. 14, 2011

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Gandhi Ji organized dandi yatra to fight against the british rule and to unite India; now we also are organizing this yatra for the same purpose. This yatra is against the present divisive politics in India. 40 years ago Gandhi Ji taught us that we should be proud of our country and should believe that our country can progress if all of us work with unity. Gandhi Ji had confidence in himself and on his country. If you have confidence in you then only you can think about the country. There is no need to underestimate others. Those forces we are fighting against have pride about their country. When british were ruling our country we raised our voice against that reime with confidence. Now we do have our own government but still we are fighting with each other. Our country can not progress until we come together. This yatra will end soon but we should not forget the purpose behind it. Don’t forget that doing a yatra of 10 days or listening to speech are not enough. You have to take the message from villag

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