Rahul Gandhi in Bansi (U.P) Part 2

Posted by pressbriefin on Dec. 12, 2011

http://pressbrief.in/ http://gandhirahul.info/ On the third day of his tour to Uttar Pradesh Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi took on the BSP and SP maintaining that both the parties forgot the people and work selectively. Addressing a huge rally of Congress workers at Bansi, Congress General Secretary said that the present BSP Government has lost touch with the people and has been plundering the Central funds meant for the poor. Highlighting the significance of the MGNREGA scheme, Rahul Gandhi said, “through the MGNREGA policy every poor person is assured of a minimum of 100 days jobs in a year with a daily wage of Rs 120, thus Rs 12,000 per year is guaranteed. This is not just a scheme but a law. Even if the government wants to stop giving the amount it cannot do so. Ask anybody in Andhra Pradesh or Kerala about the most beneficial scheme of the Central Government. Without any doubt most will say it is MGNREGA. You can search internet. You can yourself see the entire details of the scheme and the li

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