R A Grimes Heart of Darkness S1E1 God Ponzi Social Security Rec

Posted by MyHeartofDark on Sep. 03, 2011

When my old pals Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clark Died...they left a hole...not only on the literary world but in the world of entertainment. Well the time has come to plug that hole! I my friends am that Plug...who am I? Hello I am R.A. Grimes, I am the host of a new show called- R.A. Grimes Heart of Darkness. It is a three part series that will unravel lifes greatest mysteries...subjects for this series are; Is there a God? Who am I? What is Love? Will There ever be World Peace? Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? Do we need a Government? Is there a Heaven & Hell? Should we Recycle? I there intelligent life?

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