Queen Latifahs 2010 Ford Mustang Fast Car Shoot (Mustang Quee

Hip-hop artist, acclaimed actress and daring diva Queen Latifah, saw one of her life-long wishes come true when NASCAR phenom Colin Braun gave her a personal lesson on how to drive like a pro. Latifah, a long-time Mustang enthusiast, took her driving skills to the test when she drove her very own all-new 2010 Ford Mustang on the track during the Fast Car music video shoot. In between the race track and the green screen, Latifah talks about her love for the Mustang and how it embodies her individuality and success in life. See Fords exclusive behind the scenes footage of Latifah discussing her Mustang side at www.the2010mustang.com Latifah received her pro driving lesson and 2010 Mustang by participating in The 10 Unleashed campaign, which asked people to describe their ultimate Mustang dream experience in 250 words or less. The video diary chronicling her exhilarating lesson from Braun is also available at www.the2010mustang.com