Qbox business card displays/dispensers

Qbox business card display/dispenser is a professional business card display for advertising business cards. Standard Qbox business card displays come completely assembled and ready to install easily on walls. Qbox business card displays dispensers are made from a sturdy, thick, and long-life plastic material, designed as high-impact advertising tools. You can place Qbox business card displays in high traffic locations like: restaurants, coffee bars, salons, etc... And sell advertising space to local businesses. You can charge the advertisers $2.00 per day, per pocket, and EACH filled Qbox business card displays dispensers could earn you with annual gross revenue of $11,680.00 per year!You can also use Qbox business card display dispenser to organize and display your companys business cards. It can be used in your office, at the trade show booth. It is lightweight and eye-catching, there is a header at the top to display your company logo or other information, each slot holds 150 cards with space for 16