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Posted by Medialink on Sep. 30, 2009

Allure Magazine 14th Annual Best of Beauty Awards Narrows Down the Best of 2,500 Beauty Products, So You Dont Have ToNothing can get in the way of women and their favorite beauty products. In fact, the $50.4 billion beauty industry is going strong, launching thousands of new products this year. Women continue to purchase beauty items, because it makes them feel good and gives them confidence.With so many products to choose from --Allure Magazines annual Best of Beauty issue takes the guess work out of beauty shopping. Now in its 14th year, Allure has tested more products than ever before, consulting cosmetic chemists, dermatologists and hair and makeup artists to find the best lipsticks, nail polishes, lotions and shampoos. They have also identified the biggest beauty breakthroughs of the year-the products that really solve problems or utilize the latest in anti-aging research.As the coveted Consumer Report for beauty, Allures Best of Beauty issue, which hits newsstands on September ...

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