Pure Veg Cakes

Posted by Monginis on Feb. 28, 2012

Breakthrough TVC by Monginis for cake market expansion ... A bold commercial propagating a message that pure vegetarian cakes can be tasty, even though they are made without eggs. A novel thought based on a very strong insight. India has Worlds largest population of pure vegetarian people and even other people also follow strictly vegetarian diets on certain days owing to a very strong religious beliefs and rituals. This population cannot have cakes which are traditionally known to contain eggs. Even though, cakes are made without eggs, people either dont trust the claim or they think that the eggless cakes would not taste as good as the ones made with eggs. All these factors became a major stumbling block and led to limiting the growth of cake market in India. Unlike the categories like biscuits and breads, which were introduced to India by Westerners along with cakes, became completely Indian in a short while. Whereas cakes are seen as western food, even today also. Both biscuits and

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