Punk Rock Girl

Posted by kazanjianm on Mar. 24, 2009

Speed Draw / Time lapse artwork of Punk Rock Girl by Merrill Kazanjian. This artwork was created in the tradigital method (A method that combines traditional art materials with computer possibilities). I used acrylic paint, pencil, illustration markers, color pencils, a digital camera, a scanner, a printer and the computer program Paint Shop Pro to create this artwork. It was inspired by the old, Dead Milkmen song, Punk Rock Girl. The steps are highlighted in this video. Please comment and rate if you like it (or even if you dont). I would love some feedback. Visit my website Merrillk.com to download a free twelve step guide on how to draw a punk rocker. In the search box in the upper left hand corner, type in punk rock and save it on your computer.

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Tags rock, punk, goth, gothic, emo, misfit

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