Psycho Killer Bloodbath - Opening Song & Credits (Rough Cut)

Posted by gothicfilmsx on Sep. 03, 2010

Registered Sex Offender - Opening Song for Psycho Killer Bloodbath: The Movie by Heart Full of Dirt Starring: Carly Bush, Mallory Carrick, Danielle Lowery, Anna Elisabeth Taylor, Justin Arnold, Michael Keeney, Jeremy Kleiber, Sofia Mendez, David Horn, Nadia Awwad, Elle ONeal, Megan Vernor, and Steven Chambers. Producers: Sue Russell, George H. Russell In the maximum detention wing of the Sky Ridge Institute for the Criminally Insane, two women face unspeakable horror. The inmates escape and embark upon a rampage of violence. Subjected to brutal violation, these trapped women must summon the strength to survive and escape the maniac bloodbath. Meanwhile, as the inmates escape into the nearby city, a group of young college students are attacked in an abandoned house in the woods by one of the psycho killers.

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