Psychic Jessica Ann

Posted by psychicjessica on Sep. 22, 2010

Psychic Readings and Arts I Specialise inPsychic reading, Crystal ball, Tarot cards, Palm Readings, Energy Blocks, Evil or Bad Infuence Removal,Picture Readings,House Blessings,Auras,Rune Stone Readings , Spiritual Cleansings Aka Soul Cleansing* *Spiritual Block Removal* *Dream Interpretations* *Aura Readings* *Lucid Dream Interpratations* *Out Of Body Experiences* *House Or Property Blessings* *Item Blessings I.E Crosses Statues ect..* *Paranormal Activities* *Exercising Of Demons* *Removal Of Unwanted Spirits* *Curse Removals Or Reversals* *Seperation Or Reuniting Of Soul Mates* *Spells ranging from:(Note)spells only done if requestedLove,Luck,Healing,Fortune,Family,Forgivness..Ect.

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