PSY - LONDON STYLE (Gangnam Style M/V Parody)

Posted by Serhiy-Tereshchenko-97 on Oct. 10, 2012

FOR MOBILE ACCESS CLICK http-// ++ Most Popular YouTube Video of the Week! Ranked #23! ++ Gangnam Style is now Official Chart UKs No. 1 Single!!!! ++ Lets bring Psy to the UK! http-// Its time for London Style - parody of PSYs Gangnam Style. Going viral, bring it on London! Thanks to everyone involved! ========== Directed by Moses Kim PSY Hanbit Cho (SBS ? ???? ???) HYUNA Naomi Nam JAESEOK YOO Jaeyoung Song HONGCHUL NOH Jang Ho Kwon LONDON TEAM Hyo Ryung Ahn Edgar Diaz Claudia Funatsuki Cindy Ju Singi Kang Moses Kim Sujin Kim Miso Lee Sarah Lee Federica Mauro Jihyun Moon Henrikas Saabs Chris Sheldrick Caroline Stacey Shawn Wang Bianca Williams SPECIAL & RANDOM APPEARANCE Taxi Driver Three Canadian girls Two kids Dudes and dudettes from the Thames Festival 2012 ========== *Disclaimer- the audio belongs to Island Records

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