PSY - Gangnam Style | ????? | K-TOWN STYLE! (Parody)

Posted by Carlos-King-641 on Aug. 26, 2012

KTOWN-STYLE! Brought to you by- K-1 | Facebook - https-// | Twitter- https-// Thank you for the support! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! SAT. SEPT 8 at THE LA SPORTS ARENA- http-// HELP US MAKE MORE VIDEOS AND BUY THE SONG. THANK YOU! http-// ALSO SPECIAL THANKS TO- RADIO KOREA http-// & SUNG LEE HYUNG NATURA SAUNA - THANK YOU ERIC CHA HYUNG http-// BBCN for providing water for our dancers on the hot day! http-// ALL OUR AMAZING DANCERS WHO SHOWED UP AND DANCED YOUR ASS OFF ON WESTERN AND WILSHIRE! K-TOWN! SENSE DIGITAL- http-// http-// JARED, CARLOS, & DANA - WADDUP! PETER HONG - MY NINJA http-// JOE PARK - BLENDED https-// DAVID CHOI http-// | http-//

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