PSN Code Generator (*New* Working Version 2010) Playstation 3 PSN Network code generator download. 100% working, new version released for 2010 code updates. Please get this FAST before Sony closes this incredible loophole. Most people can get this code to work 30 times first try, but this WILL NOT LAST LONG. Sony will for sure catch on, probably SOON, so grab this while it’s still available and working.The guys that made this new version delayed release to the “general public” so they could rack in the cash before the masses cause Sony to catch on. They were going to wait until NEXT MONTH to release this version but I was able to convince them to let me share it early. I guess they felt they got enough free money?Use this small program to generate unique codes which can be redeemed for cash on the Playstation 3 network. Get it now before they close the loophole! This won’t last forever.