Prostate Milking Video

Posted by JaniZee on Oct. 28, 2008

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This intro to prostate milking video with emphasis on sissy milking and orgasm denial is very informative and from what this guy is talking about, it sounds like fun too! Why get your wiener tugged or go for good old fashioned sex when you can have some hot, kinky lady dressed in leather put her fingers in your butt and milk your prostate! According to this prostate milking video a lady can provide a gentleman with a sustainable orgasm without resulting with a final outcome, if you know what I mean. This video has certainly intrigued me but the hardest part of this proposition is finding a chick to help you out with this without having to pay her!In this video they are talking about prostate milking or massage. Since 1998 has been publishing the sex made easy series, and they say that the question they get the most often is about prostate milking or prostate stimulation. The other term for this action is also called sissy milking and forced ejaculation.

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