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Posted by clownygal on Jun. 26, 2013

Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player, had known Hernandez for about a year—the girlfriends of the two are sisters. Prosecutors detailed Lloyd's multiple gunshot wounds to the side, arms, and chest, including two fatal shots to the chest—fired when Lloyd was lying on the ground. Keys to a vehicle belonging to Hernandez were found on Lloyd. Lloyd had all his possessions, so robbery was not the motive. Five .45 caliber shells from a semi-automatic weapon were recovered. A warrant was issued to recover surveillance footage from the 14 cameras in and around Hernandez's house, but police discovered that 6-8 hours of footage, from around the time of the murder, was missing. They were able to discover text messages from Hernandez to the victim and the two other suspects on the night of the murder. According to a third party, Hernandez was angry with Lloyd for talking to a group of people at a nightclub on the previous Friday, a group that Hernandez apparently had beef with. The prosecutor said authorities have tape of Hernandez, with a firearm, saying You can't trust anyone anymore before driving to pick up Lloyd. The group stopped at a gas station to pick up blue cotton candy Bubblicious gum and Black & Mild cigars, which are used as rolling papers for marijuana. When the three—minus Lloyd—returned to Hernandez's house, surveillance cameras showed someone carrying a gun into his house, down to the basement, and that's when cameras were shut off. A shell casing was found in the rental car after Hernandez returned it—and a piece of chewed blue bubble gum. The prosecution's extremely detailed timeline contains exchanges and information that could not have been picked up by any surveillance camera, so it seems likely that someone involved in the incident has spoken to police. (There is a sworn affidavit, but both the defense and the prosecution have agreed that it should be sealed.) Lloyd's mother was led sobbing out of the courthouse mid-testimony. Hernandez's girlfriend left once the hearing ended, also in tears. Herandez was represented by Michael Fee and Jamie Sultan, the latter consistently ranked as one of the country's top trial lawyers. Fee called the evidence circumstantial, and said the case is not strong, noting that the murder weapon has not been recovered.

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