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Posted by Jaffasoft on Mar. 14, 2009 The opening of a new Australian video posting forum for Property Investor enthusiasts. Taking two years for the site to be made. The site contains over 400 videos and growing, collected from various video uploading sites but embedded in the external site forum and custom players & blog posts. It's a crazy mix but it's fun! It has huge social functionality. Subscribe at the site and also to this channel at YouTube because then you will receive an email each time i upload a new video in the future plus all the goodies in my Friday weekly digest video Newsletter. I'm not a guru or am i selling you anything! The entire site is 100% free! I am a simple common young Australian simply trying to make a better life and documenting it in a very common no thrills cheap video camera, filming day to day life activities investing. Nothing flash here! Click this special link here to subscribe free in one easy step - It's a big collaborative effort with YouTube and s

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