Proper Tire Pressure Boosts Safety

Posted by Medialink on Oct. 08, 2009

New Dashboard Icon Helps Drivers Know When Tires Are LowAccording to a report by the Department of Transportation, under-inflated tires increase the chances of several types of crashes. To help raise awareness and prevent these incidents, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have been mandated in all vehicles built since the 2008 year model. The tire pressure monitoring system is an icon on the dashboard that alerts the driver when theres a tire running 25% below the recommended manufacturer level. And because the icon is new, automakers are making sure consumers know that the light is a warning, and in most cases a trip to the gas station to inflate the low tire or tires is all thats required. Properly inflated tires are crucial to driving safety as well as improving fuel economy, better handling and longer tire wear. Here are a few tips to keep your tires properly inflated:- Check tire pressure at least once a month and before going on long trips. - Fill your tires with the pressure ...

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