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Posted by harshnavlakha on Apr. 19, 2009

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Pron cliches abound, when the air conditioner breaks in Apartment A. Porn really does take a lot of beatings in the conservative media, but its actually pretty funny and necessary. For instance, the use of the term pron still carries the same connotations as porn, but it has a sort of comedic value to it. By the way, is it redundant to say internet porn nowadays? Does anyone consume porn off the internet, or is that just your creepy uncles domain now?In an age when pornography is basically ubiquitous and (let's face it) almost completely free, it's pretty much mainstream. The internet is 40% adult sites...that HAS to be a fact. Ergo, dirty movies are the mainstream. And what does our culture do with whatever's the most mainstream? It creates parodies, and then those parodies get parodied. Now, porn parodies are everywhere.

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