Posted by LaneVids on Dec. 17, 2009

Salvation Army: http://salvationarmyusa.orgLaneVids Red Kettle: about the Red Kettle: iPhone App: Christmas Music App: Project for AWESOME:http://projectforawesome.comAaron Neville CD:http://theweatherchannelmusic.comProject for AWESOME is going to be Shiggity Shank this year! Here is what you have to do...You have to rate, 5 star, and comment these videos like CRAZY so that they are all at the top of youtube. Feel free to 1.Transcribe the videos line by line in the comments2.If you speak another language, translate the video line by line in the comments3. Start an instant message conversation in the comments4. Ask questions in the comments5. Answer the questions in the comments.What we dont want you to do: 1. Leave one word comments 2. Leave profanity3. Copy and Paste the same messageAll in all, these videos are for GREAT charities, and we need to show ... Di

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