Professional Sports Kit for PlayStation Move

Posted by CTADigital on Mar. 28, 2011

Available to purchase at Get in the game like youve never before! The PlayStation? Move allows for an unparalleled degree of immersion, but to be truly prepared for the competition, serious gamers will absolutely need the Professional Sports Kit For Sport Champions. On the field of combat, theres the sword attachment for the Motion Move Controller and accompanying shield accessory that also holds an additional Move controller. If table tennis is your game, theres the ping-pong paddle head; aficionados of disc golf have their own housing as well. And for archery fanatics, the bow cradle easily accommodates one Motion controller while another is held in a separate housing that is affixed by string, to faithfully reproduce the sensation of shooting bows and arrows. Plus each item is stylishly two-toned, to truly stick out from the rest of the pack. Features Include: • Two different attachment heads for the Motion Controller allow for swordplay and ping-pong • Shield a

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