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Process Server In Fayetteville NC If you are in need of a process server in Fayetteville NC, please consider New Beginnings Process Server. Service of Process involves delivering legal documents such as subpoenas, complaints, summonses, and other court documents to the person who is the target of the legal document. Service can only be done by someone who has no relation to the case. The job of a process server in North Carolina is to deliver (serve) documents to an individual involved in a court case. It sounds simple, but sometimes it is not. There are different laws about how documents must be delivered, and a process server in North Carolina has to comply with these laws. It could mean that the server must hand the documents to the defendant and no one else, or it may mean that it’s OK to serve someone else in the person’s household or business. It is the process server’s job to know the local laws so that the job is done right. After documents are delivered, the agent has to provide proof that he or she served the papers. The proof is in the form of an Affidavit of Service, which is notarized and given to the client requesting service. Some process servers also provide other services, such as filing papers with courts, performing document retrieval, and sometimes various types of private investigation. If you are involved with a court case and need to have someone served with legal documents, then you likely will need a process server. A professional process server like those at New Beginnings Process Serving will have experience in serving legal documents and be knowledgeable about the laws concerning service of process. This is important because if service is not performed according to local laws, your case may be delayed, or even dismissed. Costs for hiring a process server in Fayetteville NC varies depending on the case. Those who need rush service or same day service will pay more than someone who needs a routine serve. Ordinary service attempted within 3 days of receiving papers. At New Beginnings Process Server, we’re different. Most process servers are private investigators who incorporate process service into their general investigation routine. This can result in rushed, or botched attempts at service, affidavits that are filled out inaccurately, and the possibility of your case being delayed or dismissed. At New Beginnings, when you hire us, you hire someone who specializ