Pres. Bush Speaks on Economic Crisis

Tonight, President Bush came out and spoke about the current financial crisis we are facing. I don't know if he has the answers, I don't know if pundits have the answers, but the one thing I know (and I am not an economist) is that I do not believe that we should be bailing out these institutions. You play dirty on the playground? You get detention. You have nothing to back a loan? You don't get a loan. I don't have a transcript yet, but I don't think I need one. I think in the end, it's not whether or not John McCain did the right thing, or Barack Obama did the right thing… I only know that the American people need someone to do the right thing by them. It will be up to us, in that most-important "poll" on November 4th. I don't trust my future to Barack Obama, but you are welcome to make your own decision.