Pregnant Kayaker Beats World Champion

Posted by BrainlessHell on Jun. 29, 2013

Sometimes we like to cover inspirational stories on World of Sport. Sometimes we spot a story which is a bit unusual, like a bride making a wedding dress out of Manchester City shirts. And sometimes we find a story which is just, well, bonkers. The following is a mixture of all three. Emily Jackson, 23 and a kayaker on the US tour, won the final event of the season at the Payette River Games. To do so, she had to overcome the current world champion. At any point in time in the year that's quite an achievement on the white waters of Idaho, but Jackson is in her ninth month of pregnancy. Less than four weeks before she is due to give birth to her first-born child, she is winning competitions. Emily picks up winner's cheque for $4,000 - Photo GrindTV In fact it was so impressive that the commentator in the footage above does not seem to believe that it could possibly be the case. Rather than assuming a baby is on the way, he wonders if her frame is the result of a beer-belly. [You can watch Jackson in acti

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