Pregnant BOYS star in shocking new teen pregnancy ads in US

Posted by Erdo-an-Demir-99 on Jun. 15, 2013

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Pregnant BOYS star in shocking new teen pregnancy ads in US POUTING teens show off their bulging baby bumps in a new teen pregnancy ad campaign. Except there's something different about these parents-to-be...they're BOYS. The shocking photos have been mocked up and splashed on bus stops and billboards across Chicago, in a bid to reduce teen pregnancy rates in the city - which are among the highest in the US. The tagline for the campaign is- Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are. The ads have provoked a mixed response, with Twitter users describing them as disturbing and brilliant. But health bosses in the city hope the eye-catching ads will encourage teenagers to practise safe sex. Brian Richardson, a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Health, explained We wanted to create an ad campaign that would cut through the clutter and get people thinking about teen pregnancy and teen births, and how it can affect more than just teen girls. The daughters of teen mothers are more likely to become teen moms themselves. And the sons of teen moms are more likely to go to prison. These are challenges that go beyond one girl or one woman.

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