Powerful 1000mw Green Laser Pointer Pen With Flashing Beam Adjus

Posted by 3cproduct on Jul. 16, 2012

Detail page-http-//www.elecday.com/1000mw-green-laser-pointer-product-4253.html 2012 New Style Powerful 1000mw Green Laser Pointer Pen With Flashing Beam Adjustable Focus This 2012 new style laser pointer have 2 mode- regular mode , Flashing mode 1. Regular mode- Press the power button to turn it on, the laser beam will long on. 2. Flashing mode- In the regular mode, press the power button again, it will turn to flashing mode, the laser beam will flash all the way, for detail please view our youtube video. it will be used to point at any desired targets on- Teaching,Lectures,Museums,Gallery guides,Business person,Conference Speaker,Bars,KTV,clubs,Concert site,Money detector,Projection screens,Video monitors,presentation graphics,Forensics,Illumination,Indicating,Alignment,Photos, Blackboard,Video monitors,Sky pointing (astronomy) or just being cool. - The beam of this laser pointer is clearly visible in the dark area. Look awesome ! - 100% Brand new. Functions- 1. Single laser pointer with visible beam 2. Adj

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