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Virtual Riding TVs second test ride with the Sony HXR-MC1 Digital HD Camera Video Recorder. This footage was shot while riding from Hope to Princeton British Columbia, Canada. The Hope Slide is featured near the end of the video. On January 9,1965, an enormous landslide of 46 million cubic meters of earth, rock and snow, crashed down in seconds from a 2000 meter mountain near Hope, British Columbia. The full story can be read from the signage.VRIDETV.com is Virtual Riding Television.Imagine mounting a high definition camcorder to the handlebars of a motorcycle then riding across the second largest country in the world. With this point of view you will experience the sensation of riding through ten provinces of Canada, coast to coast, round trip, for a total of 18,795 kilometers. This trip may be over but the riding and filming continues........................................Welcome to VIRTUAL RIDING TELEVISIONVideos, pictures, maps and more details available on the FREE website: http://www.vridetv.comN