Portal Turret Phidget

GC&SU's Spring 2008 CSCI 1302 Phidget Runway Project. (Programming Language: Java) My phidget was a miniature turret from the game "Portal" It used a motion sensor in the front and a touch sensor in the back and responded with a variety of the turret's phrases. The GUI portion of the program contained a widget of the turret which lit up based on its mode: Hibernate, Active, or Shut-Down. To build the phidget, I used an "AquaPod" water bottle, cut off the top and a hole in the front, put in both the sensors and wrapped it in white duct tape, then I wrapped the bottom portion in silver duct tape and used broken sunglasses legs as the turret's side legs and a pen as the back one. You can't see it very well but I had a paper clip in there as the antennae. My project got 3rd place. First place, ironically, was an actual turret (using foam discs)